Why we offer Placement Guarantee of 6 months

Why we offer Placement Guarantee of 6 months

Sometimes, for a multitude of reasons, a hire doesn’t work out. The scenarios that lead to this are too plentiful to go into here, but it happens.

Traditionally in Ireland, most if not all Recruitment Agencies operate a Guarantee model of 3 months for permanent placements.

Having worked for a long time in the industry, I constantly try to put myself into our clients & candidates shoes and try to see things from their perspective.

As a business, we pride ourselves in being decent, fair and ethical with all our customers (companies & candidates) and this led me to review our guarantee on placements.

I asked myself, is there something we can introduce that is more appropriate?

We came to the conclusion that we needed to double the guarantee period to six months in early 2017 to provide additional peace of mind and time to what is a significant decision and investment.

The industry norm of 3 months is simply not long enough for a candidate or a company to evaluate each other.

Nor does it really cater for any interventions that are sometimes necessary by clients to address any issues they may have and then to assess to see if they are working.

With the full engagement and agreement of all the Consultants here at Red Tree Recruitment, we decided it would make sense to match the standard Probation period of six months that most Employment Contracts have inserted between a company and an employee.

So if you choose to work with Red Tree Recruitment, all of our Permanent placements will come with a 6 month Guarantee Period as standard.

We feel it is the right thing to do. Let’s hope the industry follows.

It is also consistent to other initiatives and our environment in here too, like heavily discounted fees for the SME & Not for Profit sectors and the fact that our consultants are not pressurised to send out CVs for the sake of KPIs or metrics.

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Eamonn O’Reilly MIATI (Dip HRM) Managing Director, Red Tree Recruitment

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